Warm the Line 2020

Scratch is proud to be one of a handful of LYSs in swing states participating as distribution locations for the Warm the Line project.


Here are answers to a few common questions we've been getting about this exciting new project.

What is Warm the Line?

We’re encouraging knitters, crocheters and sewist to create warm accessories to be distributed to residents and voters in cold swing states.

What should I make?

Anything warm! Hats, mittens, cowls, scarves, bandanas and even blankets are all welcome. 

Romi Hill has designed the awesome Warm the Line Beanie (link goes to Ravelry) just for this project.

Warm the Line

We also recommend the emPower People 2020 project for free knitting, crochet and sewing patterns. 

Should I use a specific yarn/fabric and color?

You can use anything that you have in your stash or that’s easily accessible to you, though we highly recommend using Superwash Wool or acrylic for knit or crocheted items. All colors are welcome!

What if there’s little time left to make something?

If you already have handmade items you have made for yourself that are in good condition, feel free to send those! Please wash them prior to sending.  

If your item arrives after Nov. 3rd the recipients have offered to donate those items to those in need.  Your donation will not be wasted!

Where should I send my items?

You can send your items directly to us:


Attn: Warm the Line

1 Court St

Lebanon NH 03766

A list of other addresses can be found here. Please consider including a note reminding your recipient of the importance of their vote and to add a personal touch. There are decorative “Warm the Line” card templates available for downloading and printing.

Click here to download a blank postcard. 

Click here to download a prewritten postcard.

These templates include two postcards per sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper. You can cut them in half or print them on these Avery postcards.

What about COVID?

Please package your item in plastic bags or more environmentally friendly paper. This way we can let recipients know we care about their health.

How are the items being distributed?

Warm the Line is working with yarn shops and businesses in swing states to receive and distribute the items, in collaboration with community organizations who serve people in need.

Here at Scratch, we are lucky to have a close relationship with UVGEAR, a local 501©3 that provides material support to individuals experiencing homelessness. That means that we're already plugged into an existing distribution network that serves one of the area's most marginalized populations.

Who is organizing this project?

Warm the Line is a grassroots effort being organized by a group of patriotic knitters, crocheters and sewists. 

Postage is too expensive for me, can you help with that?

We realize postage can add up so we have a limited postage gift we can offer.  This gift was given to us as a donation from a generous person who isn’t crafty but wanted to help.  Please send a pic of your postal receipt to me at Katherine.kdm on IG.  We will offer this for as long as the funds last.


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